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Contributing to a Large Vision
Saudi Arabia has entered the 21st century with a vision to develop a sustainable economy. One of the cornerstones of this vision is to empower the private sector to play a leading role in shaping the economy. This will establish the building blocks for a sustainable development and enable the Kingdom to meet the current and future challenges in a global economy.

Inspired by this vision, the Saudi Economic Cities were created as a catalyst for the advancement of the Saudi economy. The objective of these Economic Cities is to establish an agile environment within which the private sector can thrive.

To be the driving force behind the development of the Economic Cities in Saudi Arabia, the Economic Cities Authority (ECA) was established by the government leadership.

One of the main roles of the ECA is to passionately lead the building of credible partnerships with the private sector in a service-oriented and business-friendly manner.
The idea behind economic cities
• Many countries today develop new economic zones, with their own regulations and world-class competitiveness, to attract quality investments in specific sectors and provide employment opportunities.
• All the challenges notwithstanding, this sort of strategic initiative is one of the best solutions to push development forward.
• The idea behind economic cities in the Kingdom is to get the private sector more involved in the development process, and to introduce a more proactive, more competitive, and more nimble government business model.


  • King Abdullah Economic City
    Total Land Area (168 km2) Target Population
    (2 million by 2025)
    • Key Investment Sectors
    • Sea port
    • Industrial zone
    • Business
    • Education
    • Residential
  • Knowledge Economic City
    Total Land Area (4.8 km2) Target Population
    • Key Investment Sectors
    • Education
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • ICT
    • Knowledge-based Industries


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