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Contributing to Achieving Saudi Vision 2030

vision2030_logo The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered the 21st century with Vision 2030, which strives to enhance the Kingdom’s role and increase its contribution towards building the future and achieving accelerated socioeconomic growth, which can be done by enabling the private sector to lead the Kingdom’s sustainable development and drive the nation toward facing global challenges now and in the future.  

In order to achieve this vision, the innovative idea of Saudi Economic Cities and Special Zones was established, becoming one of the main engines of the Kingdom’s socioeconomic growth.  
The objective of Economic Cities and Special Zones is to create and establish a lively, bustling environment in which the private sector may thrive, create and innovate, generating the necessary force to drive the national development and the Kingdom’s economy.  
The Purpose of Establishing Economic Cities
Many countries today are developing new economic zones, complete with their own separate, globally competitive regulations, in order to attract world-class quality investments in specific sectors, thus generating employment opportunities for their citizens.
Despite all the possible challenges, this sort of strategic initiative is considered as one of the best solutions for driving socioeconomic development.
The idea behind economic cities in the Kingdom hinges on boosting the private sector’s involvement in the development process, while introducing a more competitive model of government that can respond to change with more agility.

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