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◾   The business model in the economic cities is based on strategic partnerships and the integration of roles between the Government, represnted by the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority, and the private sector, represented by the Economic Cities' Master Developer.

Role of Government (Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority):
◾  Develop and Implement competitiv policies and quality standards, that suit the local environment.
◾  Oversee the economic cities, including wellbeing, safety and security; Monitor the performance of deveopers, contractors, operators and investors towards achieving the objectives of the Economic Cities. .
◾  Enable the Economic Cities through strategic government initiative and projects.
◾  Develop investment-friendly environment, promote and attract quality investments to the Economic Cities.
◾  Grant license and permits and offer integrated government services in a highly effcient manner.

Role of private sector (Master Developer):
◾  To develop and implement the masterplan of the economic cities.
◾  Provide the required finance for development works.
◾  Implement development and construction works.
◾  Promote and attract investors to the economic cities.
◾  Manage and operate the economic cities.

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